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Do-it-yourself Balloon Time kit

What is the ‘Do-it-yourself’ Balloon Time kit? A Balloon Time do-it-yourself kit is a box filled with everything you need to blow up the helium balloons all by yourself. We have several balloon kits on our website for every occasion. In each kit you’ll find everything you need; latex balloons, a helium tank, ribbon and cards. This kit is an easy way to make your party complete. We send the balloons to the address you have given us.

A Balloon Time kit for every occasion

There are helium balloon kits for a wedding, birth, love, parties, even for funerals. Buying balloons for every occasion. The do-it-yourself kits you can use yourselves. All helium kits are provided with latex balloons or foil balloons. We offer you the possibility to order extra balloons. You can for example fill these with air for even more balloon fun. The helium tank that is provided with the kit can blow up 30 or 50 balloons, depending on the size of the kit. There’s always about 15% more helium in the tank, so you will always have enough helium. The latex balloons will stay afloat for 5 till 7 hours.

If you have any questions concerning the Balloon Time kit, don’t hesitate to contact our customer service.