Corporate Social Responsibility


What is CSR?
CSR stands for Corporate Social Responsibility. Corporate Social Responsibility companies bear responsibility for social issues such as air pollution, climate change, working conditions or aging. We strive to contribute to solving these problems and contribute to a viable climate. For right now, but also for next generations.

No flower shop can do without energy, which causes the environment to be unnecessarily burdened. does not enjoy it. 100% of the energy we use is generated by solar panels. This is how we contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas CO2.

Florists consume more than 50% of the electrical energy on lighting. The use of our lighting is minimized by a light dome in the roof. Natural lighting, motion detectors and time switches and the use of LED lights greatly reduce the use of lighting and energy.

We do not use gas, our heating works through a durable heat pump that fully works on renewable electricity generated by the solar panels. Air conditioning works in the same way. Good insulation in all walls reduces the use of heating or air conditioning. Glass wall that allows the heat of the sun in, this heat we use for heating our property.

Transport and delivery
Logistics is an important theme, with transport and delivery, significant sustainability gains can be achieved, especially in reducing CO2 emissions.

Suppliers of
The majority of suppliers of are located in a 10km radius around our company. This is beneficial: This reduces CO2 emissions and reduces traffic pressure.

Transport and delivery
We choose environmentally conscious ways of delivery. Driving planning is an efficient way of reducing exhaust emissions. All our suppliers and our own delivery service therefore plan the rides in an environmentally conscious manner.

Durable packaging
We pack your order with durability and care. ensures that its products are well packaged. When packing, we use durable materials. Used packaging and wrappings are, for example, made of polypropylene. Which is completely and simply recyclable and does not release hazardous substances.

Our products are only shipped in a box if needed. And if the product is shipped in a box, it is of course made of recycled paper.

Waste is an important theme, we do everything we can to reduce or recycle the amount of waste to lessen the burden on the environment.
We divide our waste as much as possible and waste our waste in an environmentally conscious manner. Plastic waste is removed by a combined ride from and to the auction.

When purchasing our products, we look at the durability of a product. Also when purchasing our flowers, more than half of the flowers we buy have a sustainability mark. We also note that the flowers do not come from far, but from the Netherlands. This way the environment will not be burdened as much.

Our employees work hard for you to ensure quality and sustainability. Our team is our strength and we are working together for you to achieve good, beautiful and sustainable results.