Privacy policy


We like to gather as little information as possible from you. Even so it’s still necessary to gather some information from you. For example to deliver your order or to make the invoice. Flowers-Holland takes extraordinary care of your personal information.

On that account here are some important points

  • We treat your personal information as it is our own, so with extraordinary care. 
  • We only use your personal information for the objective stated in this privacy policy.
  • We save your personal information not longer than necessary.
  • We never give your personal information without justified cause to other parties.

Which information needs

Name and address information
We use your name and address information for drawing up the invoice or to contact you about your order. We will do this if we have a question about your order. If the invoice address is different from the delivery address, then we use the information for delivery from your order.

Business information
Keeping private from business is much welcome. That’s why we ask you to fill in your (company) name and establishment address, when you order out of the name of a company.

Email address
We keep your email address only for important messages and status updates of your order.

Telephone number
We use your telephone number only for emergencies to ask you a question or to ask your input.

Log in information and customer number
At Flowers-Holland you don’t need to log in to order, this is why we don’t store your passwords or login information. There is an exception for business account users. From these users we do keep the login data safe.

Payment data
We keep your payment data safe. Like your Paypal and credit card data, your bank account number and your name as bank account holder. We use credit card companies for the assimilation of your payments. With every order we make an unique order number with an equally unique invoice number. For a couple of payment methods it’s also necessary to save your IP-address. We save these to detect fraud.

Your privacy and third parties

We will only share your private information with other parties on the next three occasion:

  • To bestow or to achieve our services
    We use multiple payment services like iDeal or Paypal to make different payments possibilities possible.  
  • On order of a legal obligation
    A police obligation can force us to share your personal details with the police.
  • For sending your order
    We use delivery services to deliver your order.
    If we share details with a third party, we have a sharing agreement with this party.

Authorised decisions

Sometimes we make an authorised decision based on personal information.
When an invoice is not paid on time, we will send a couple of automatically made warnings to the not paying customer. If the customer still hasn’t paid after these warnings a collecting agency is called.

Contact information

If you have any questions concerning our privacy and cookie statement, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
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2231 LA Rijnsburg
The Netherlands